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Google Ads Options

With each passing year, the number of choices for pay-per-click advertising on Google grows. The goal is clear: to get people to pay for advertising rather than allowing them to rank organically. They accomplish this by steadily pushing organic results lower down page 1 and extending the Google Ads section. Using our experience as a PPC Agency in Chandigarh, we’ll look at some of the most common types of Google advertising and which ones are the most useful.

Search Ads — The text-based ads that appear directly beneath your Google search box are the oldest but still most popular form of PPC. Typically, 3-4 advertisements appear at the top of the page, followed by local map listings, organic results, and 2-3 more ads at the bottom. These commercials aren’t the best for e-commerce, especially if you’re not one of the industry’s big boys, like an ASOS. However, they are more suited to service/inquiry-based organizations and perform well.

Local Search Ads – If you’ve ever searched for a local business, such as PPC Agency Chandigarh, you’ll notice a map pack appear in the Google search results (normally with three listings), and if you click on ‘More,’ you’ll be taken to the maps page with a much longer list of results, where you’ll notice the top two or three results are ‘Sponsored,’ i.e. Google Ads. This is a good strategy to acquire local visibility, but because most people don’t click on ‘More’ and just look at the first three results on the results page, the amount of impressions you’ll get with your campaign will most likely be limited, but it will perform well at a low CPC and produce favourable results (even if they might be small).

YouTube Advertising – This is a popular option for fashion clients and those looking to increase brand exposure. When it comes to advertising on YouTube, you have a lot of alternatives, from text ads at the bottom of videos to short video ads that play before the movie you want to watch starts to annotated product adverts. The brief video with products mentioned in the ad labeled and appearing underneath is the most popular choice. When it comes to YouTube advertising, you should anticipate making a small number of sales directly from it and instead concentrate on how it fits into your broader marketing strategy.

Google Ads (Formerly Adwords)

The text-based advertising you see at the top of a search results page is Google Ads (originally Google AdWords). Google Ads are identified by a green ‘Ad’ icon and allow you to appear at the top of Google for specific keywords. The cost per click might be anywhere from 1p to £75 depending on the industry (in the case of gambling and insurance sectors).

Many factors influence the cost per click (CPC) of an advertisement, with your ‘quality score’ playing a major role. Our PPC experts understand what Google looks for in terms of relevancy and can ensure that your campaign is running as efficiently as possible.

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